Jim Mahfood is the "SILVER" ticket prize for the upcoming dopevinyl Dunny artist series!!!

Jim Mahfood aka FoodOne has been known to customize vinyl here and there over his artistic career... but it wasn't until Jordan over at dopevinyl jumped on the opportunity to have him in his previously announced upcoming dopevinyl Dunny Artist Series - where, by the way, Jim actually customized a Dunny for the very first time, just for this series!!! ! This "SILVER" ticket prize looks really cool, and if you are fans of Jim's work, then this is for you!!! This series is slated to release HERE on Saturday, September 13th at 9AM PST, and with each blind-box purchase you have the chance to pull the special "Gold", "Silver", "Bronze", and "Green" tickets where you can redeem them for these amazing FREE customs! Keep those eyes open for other tiered prizes very soon!

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