Frank Kozik's "Hateball (Mint Edition)" sofubi two-pack release with FULL FIGURE prize giveaway!

Frank Kozik's "Hateball" pieces, obviously inspired by the classic "Madball" figures, are cast in super smooth Japanese vinyl (sofubi) and will be available soon in an unpainted mint green vinyl. With two sizes of heads in each set — one 4-inch head and one 3-inch head — these fit perfectly on a wide range of 'fight figure' bodies as well as other similarly sized 'large' figures, including Mishka's "Kaiju Bootleg" and Kozik's own "Salari Ika"! In fact, speaking of the latter, there will be one special prize version randomly sent to a buyer: the "Hateball" and "Salari Ika" mash-up pictured below (as well as part of the group shot above). Limited to an edition of just 13 sets, these are no specific release details announced yet… though we expect these will be available either today or tomorrow at around 12 NOON Pacific time in Frank Kozik's online shop for $75 per random set.

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