BEMON's Two-Headed Giant + NagNagNag's Double Face Boryoku Genjin = Splurrt's new Secretoy?

It's been a while since we first revealed Joe from Splurrt's new brand concept, Secretoy, and debut release from it, "Cinema Monster." This standard-sized kaiju creature is pictured above cast in wax, which is the stage immediately before making the molds to pull soft Japanese vinyl versions from. Inspired by the two-headed giant Galligantua from the 1962 film Jack the Giant Killer, this piece seems to pay homage to two neo-kaiju greats as well: BEMON's "Two-Headed Giant" (itself based on Ron Cobb's Famous Monsters of Filmland 1968 Yearbook cover painting which interprets Galligantua) and NagNagNag's "Double Face Boryoku Genjin," the latter mostly seen in how Joe merged the two-headed aspect into a double faced version.

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