The Toy Mafia's "Lepreskar: Skeletor Edition" release!

SKULLS!!!! Gotta love em', and hot after our announcement in our last post of the RunDMB custom skulls, the folks over at Clutter are happy to announce another skull'centric release... "Lepreskar: Skeletor Edition"!!! Roughly 6.5" tall, 7" long, and 5" wide, this rotocast resin piece has been cast in marbled fluorescent yellow and purple and finished with hand-rubbed pumice color as well as a glossy finish. Limited to just 15 pieces worldwide in this "Skeletor" colorway, paying tribute to the iconic Masters of the Universe villain, each comes bagged with a hand-numbered header card. These are up for grabs HERE right now for $80 a pop!

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