Splurrt × Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Bone Usir DX" sofubi collaboration in black metal colorway!

While Richard "LASH" Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has been preparing the previously announced "Bone Usir DX" figures for his Foe Store & Gallery show "Playing With Fire," Montanari's collaborator on the piece — Joe Merrill of Splurrt — has been working on the above pictured 'black metal' colorway edition. These 11-inch tall monsters have a newly designed head by Merrill — an evolution of his own "Usir" design — mounted upon an MVH produced "DX Dokruo Sludge Demon" body. Cast in soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi), these figures really pop with their red gem eyes and chain coiled wrists… unfortunately, it seems we'll have to wait a few more weeks for these pieces to be made available, but all good things to those who wait.

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