Bubi Au Yeung x Fluffy House - "I AM OK" vinyl figure set!

The "I AM OK" figure set, brought to you by Fluffy House in collaboration and designed by artist Bubi Au Yeung contains a 4.5" figure with posable arms and a 2.5" buddy... and how adorable are these guys!?!? The two figures portray the status of “OK” and “Not OK” respectively and according to Fluffy House "They also represent a complicated state of mind. Sometimes when someone says they are OK, they may not be while sometimes the other way round..." something really unique and charming in the vinyl toy world, and you have got to love the simplicity of the figures! These are up for grabs HERE as a pre-order right now for just $60 each... and, if you get them before August 17th, you will receive a FREE string bag and special gift! So go now, and get FREE stuff with your order!!!

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