Science Patrol's "Avalon," "Monochochin" & "Obakekoban" sofubi yōkai-inspired figures!

Introduced on the show Ultraman, the Science Patrol — properly the Scientific Special Search Party (科学特捜隊) — was the group which sought out monsters and aliens. Thus it makes perfect sense that Science Patrol is also the name of a recent Japanese artist endeavor, with three planned sofubi (soft Japanese vinyl) releases already planned, that explores tsukumogami (a type of yōkai which is comprised of ordinary household items that become animated on the one-hundredth anniversary of their creation). His initial three figures are "Avalon," the cycloptic hat, "Monochochin," the paper lantern ghost, and "Obakekoban," the spectral coin. As Science Patrol tells us:
The story for these figures is that they are benevolent, albeit lonely, artifacts that have hung around unsold in a small recycle shop in Koenji for decades. At night they roam the city's various alleys and shotengai in hopes of befriending people, but just end up terrifying everyone they meet.
These hand-painted figures will be coming out this month, though price and colorways are still being determined. We will update you once we have more information, but following the Science Patrol's twitter is probably the best way to be alerted to when these fantastic figures are available in their forthcoming online store.

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