Oppai Missiles Away! threeZero × Go Nagai's "Mazinger Z: Aphrodai A" Super Robot 1:43 Scale Figure!

As threeZero close in on shipping out their previously announced to-scale Super Robot figure of "Mazinger Z" (マジンガーZ), they've teased the next piece in the line with the above image. Created under an official licensing agreement with Go Nagai's Dynamic Planning, fans of the classic series will recognize the above as "Aphrodai A," the first Super Robot to resemble female anatomy! With her chest-based Oppai Missile System, Oppai being the Japanese slang term for breasts, I can't wait to see those rockets fire forth. Assuming "Aphrodai A" will be done in a matching 0 Scale (or 1:43 Scale), meaning that she should be around 13½cm (roughly 14-inches) tall. Surely loaded with goodies, those that pre-order directly from threeZero's online shop will receive an exclusive additional omake (extra)… but what could it be?!? We'll have to wait until the actually place this piece up for pre-order to find out!

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