Full Blown Ink × Unbox Industries's - "Project: Vulkira" Shogun Warrior & Jumbo Machinder inspired figure LIVE on Kickstarter!!!

Inspired by the classic Shogun Warrior and Jumbo Machinder figures, artist Eric "Full Blown Ink" Smith has designed the Super Robot known as "Project: Vulkira!" Set to be manufactured by Unbox Industries, this 8-inch tall vinyl toy is filled with awesome… from the perfectly simple three points of articulation to the removable fists with interchangeable drill and missile launcher attachments, everything about this piece is reminiscent of those classic '70s Japanese toys. And while Unbox is handling the overseeing of the production, they are not releasing this themselves… meaning that Smith is funding this himself and needs your help. Launched right NOW over on Kickstarter, you can help make this project a reality by pledging at multiple tier levels! Want more info... follow Smith's release-specific Facebook and Twitter to get updates... this is seriously awesome, and for as low as $60, it seems you'll be able to score yourself one of these amazing figures… though I wouldn't sleep on it, as that reward tier seems to be limited to 300 copies for some reason!

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