DLL CUSTOMS's “Woodstock” GID resin figure release for… 1¢?!?!?

The artist known as DLL CUSTOMS, Derrick "LOGLOG" Lauglaug, returns with his notorious "Name Your Price" series of releases… which essentially works by having the buyer pay the smallest amount at checkout (1¢ plus shipping) that is followed up with instructions on how to PayPal additional funds, thus naming their price, if they buyer is so inclined to do so. And the newest piece in this radically affordable series celebrates the 45th anniversary of “Woodstock”!!! Limited to an edition of 25 pieces - approximately 3” scale figures on a 6 ”x 7.3” blister-pack backer-board, these figures were created with daytime-visible glow-in-the-dark capabilities... and with such a rainbow of colors, these actually look quite fantastic when lit up! These will be up for grabs HERE tonight at 7pm PST... so go, name your price, and get a new figure for your collection!

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