"Bog Boy" a new resin release from We Become Monsters!!!

"Eternally melting, swirling, dripping and dying can't keep this enthusiastic little freak down! His ever optimistic gaze and joyfully gloppy tentacles reaching for the sky as a reminder to all that whatever you are going through, at least you are not melting. And if you are, hey, keep your chin up while you still have one! A more cheerful little ghoul then I normally create, this guy helps keep me smiling while trying to climb out of the doldrums." A new abomination from We Become Monsters... introducing "Bog Boy"!!! Standing around 3" tall, this hand cast creature is a non-articulated resin art toy that is up for grabs HERE right now for only $30 a pop... oh, and since these are blind bagged, there are a total of 12 different colors you might get... all of which look awesome!

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