'Splinter' & the 'Foot Clan' from The Loyal Subjects TMNT vinyl figure mini-series... revealed!!!

Hot damn, it gets better and better with each reveal as they folks over at The Loyal Subjects continue to impress with their soon to be released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vinyl toy mini-series! Today we are getting a look at what Master 'Splinter' looks likes as well as Shredder's minions, the 'Foot Clan'... both figures looks awesome, by the way! One thing we love to see is the unique sculpts for each figure... and the fact that these are 3" tall... they are showing serious promise when it comes to the amount of detail per square inch... let's just hope the QC holds up on these as most mini's tend to get a little sloppy! Did you miss our previous post HERE... go check it out, and hit up The Loyal Subjects booth #5645 during SDCC 2014 to see these and more in person!

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