SDCC 2014 exclusive SpankyStokes blind-bagged “Stroll” custom backpack sale!

What would a convention be without artists peddling their wares from their backpacks?!?! Well, I decided to paint up 13 1.5” OMFG Series 1 "CLEAR" Stroll’s, sealed them ala blind-bag fashion, created a custom SDCC 2014 header card, and will have these sweet little monsters on me at all times wandering the designer toy section for all five days of the convention. Just like last years batch, these guys received a ton of TLC, and are going to be looking for new homes... and since these are painted on the CLEAR edition, I made sure these showcased that quality! So, if you wanna try your luck at these beauties, stop me, throw down $40, and cross your fingers! The photo above does these no justice as I detailed them from head to toe with shades of color that only your eyes can really appreciate! See you at the con!

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