"Professor Farnsworth," from Futurama, comes to three-dimensional life by Dope Chief's hand!

Canadian artist Dope Chief is tired of waiting for "Professor Farnsworth" to be officially released in Kidrobot's Futurama line, having been sorely overlooked in both Series 1 and 2 of the 3-inch tall mini figure collections. So, to correctly this grievous oversight, Dope Chief has taken it upon himself to sculpt the good Professor's head and customize the vinyl figures into a Farnsworthian form. An amazing undertaking and, simultaneously, a passionate appeal for the character's future release, Dope Chief is running a Kickstarter campaign to finance an small edition of these hand-crafted customs. If you look below, at the raw head sculpt, it appears to be every bit as good as any production piece in the series, but — alas — the paint application (shown above) is more amateurish… which one can easily overlook if they are desperate to add this character to their collection. If nothing else, backing this Kickstarter might Kidrobot take notice of Professor Farnsworth and include him in Series 3!

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