Nychos × Mighty Jaxx's "Jaw Breaker" & "Crab Dance" prints plus "Follow the White Rabbit" book!

Coinciding with the previously announced release his "Lepus Pellis Os Omentum" Designer Toy, biological deconstructionist Nychos had a few other surprises spring forth from the Mighty Jaxx partnership: the two above pictured prints and the below pictured art book! The prints are "Jaw Breaker" and "Crab Dance," shown on the left and right respectively. "Jaw Breaker" is a 16½"×23⅖" giclée print, made in a limited hand-signed edition of 100 pieces, that costs $80 apiece. "Crab Dance," on the other hand, is a 16½"×23⅖" screen print that is also limited to a hand-signed edition of 100 pieces, though available for $60 each. But the truly big news is that Mighty Jaxx have launched an art book series named Sessions! Featuring the work of Nychos in the first installment, entitled "Follow the White Rabbit," this hard cover collection has 153 full-color pages — some being fold-outs! — to really spotlight the artist stylings of Nychos between 2011 and present. The book is super reasonably priced at $50 apiece, which — alongside the prints — are currently available in Mighty Jaxx's online store.

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