Kill Taupe's 1st resin toy... "Maurice" the injury prone rabbit!!!

Everybody's favorite injury prone rabbit, "Maurice", sure is having a string of bad luck lately. Whether he's tangling with the neighborhood cat, getting jacked up by a farmers boot for raiding the carrot patch, or dropping dead only to rise up as a zombie, his life is chuck full of misery and pain... and it's about time we get to see this little guy come to fruition in resin form from artist Kill Taupe... oh, and did we mention this is Kill's very first resin figure... AWESOME! Standing 3-1/2" tall, this little bugger will be releasing HERE on Thursday, July 10th at 12Noon EST, you will have your chance to snag up 1 of 3 different versions (Regular, Jacked-Up, and Zombie) for just $45 a piece!

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