Josh Herbolsheimer × Super7's "Radioactive Puke Fossilla" & more for SDCC 2014!

Towering over most toys, the Josh Herbolsheimer designed 9-inch tall "Fossilla" figure will be unleashed in a "Radioactive Puke" edition at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con! Cast in yellow, green, blue, orange, brown drip vinyl with painted details, these $95 apiece beauts won't be the only Herbolsheimer designed exclusive at Super7's booth… The Medicom Toy produced "Earth Wolf" figure is coming in a "Polluted" colorway, cast in blue and grey swirl vinyl with painted details, for $95 apiece, while the "Volcano Fire" edition of "Caveman Dinosaur," cast in red vinyl with painted details, will be only $35 each! But, should Destroy All Kaiju! figures be your thing, then Brian Flynn's "Crystal Mecha" returns in the "Bug Splatter" edition, cast in grey, blue, black, glow drip vinyl with painted details, for $95 apiece! All will be available at Super7's SDCC Booth #5245 throughout the convention weekend!
 PLEASE NOTE:  Super7's SDCC Booth number has been changed. They are now #4945.

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