3DRetro x Nathan Hamill x Flat Bonnie - "Octocrush" edition Octopup sofubi & Octoplush "Aquapup" SDCC 2014 Giveaway!

San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 is just a few days away and the folks over at 3DRetro still have some more exciting items to announce. From artist Nathan Hamill is the latest Octopup sofubi release... ‪the "‎OctoCrush‬" edition. This clear orange vinyl release won't quench your thirst, but it will bring a smile to your face. You can pick yours up for only $10 at the ‪3DRetro‬ booth #5049 during the con... but wait, that's not all!!!

What's this... a giveaway during SDCC?!?! INDEED!!! Flat Bonnie and Nathan Hamill just announced that during SDCC they will be giving away 3 handmade Octoplush "Aquapup" edition plushes at the 3DRETRO booth #5049. All you need to do is purchase a sofubi Octopup "Octocrush" editon (spotted above in the post) for $10 and if you're lucky enough to get an aqua "golden" ticket, present it to said booth and receive your FREE emerald green Plush Pup! Happy 'pup hunting! AWESOME!!!

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