3DRetro SDCC 2014 exclusive - Nathan Ota's Suited Birdies "Toxic" Glow in the Dark Edition!!!

3DRetro is proud to announce another great San Diego Comic-Con 2014 release. **WARNING** The rare "Toxic" Suited Bird has escaped from the Nathan Ota Labs and has been spotted making its way over to the San Diego convention center. The bird is highly toxic and can be identified by its distinct glow during the evening hours. We urge anyone that tries to attain this rare and dangerous species of bird to make their way over to the 3DRetro Booth #5049 during SDCC. This "toxic" (it's not really toxic just FYI) glow-in-the-dark colorway of Nathan Ota's popular Suited Birdies is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and will be released at the 3DRetro Booth #5049 during the convention. Nathan Ota will be in attendance during the convention to sign this figure the Saturday of SDCC, July 26th from 1pm - 2pm . This limited edition version of the Suited Birds will be available for $60 during the entire duration of the con.

Source [3DRetro Press]

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