Of Fatcaps and Guns… Hoakser's "Clan Banger" custom Wu-Tang Clan action figure!

Inspired by the mega-popular hip-hop outfit Wu-Tang Clan, UK street artist Hoakser has taken a mixture of toy parts to create this one-of-a-kind "Clan Banger" custom action figure. Standing 9-inches tall and rockin' his tightie wu-ties, these beast of piece features 11 points of articulation in his arms, legs, and torso, though his fatcap head has been sculpted into place and doesn't move. Completed kit-bashed, hand-painted, and perfectly presented in a "see through body bag with custom header," this piece will be available today in Hoakser's online shop for £90 (approx. $153). If you want this bad boy to join your collection, you best follow Hoakser's Twitter feed for the announcement of when this one-off creation becomes available!

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