Mechavirus × PlaSeeBo's "Mecha Skulloctopus From Outer Space" Ultra Limited Custom Edition!

The amazingly talented Todd "Mechavirus" Robertson has brought his unique brand of technological infection to world of Bob "PlaSeeBo" Conge, customizing an ultra limited series of PlaSeeBo's "Skulloctopus From Outer Space" vinyl figure. Cast crystal clear, each of these "Mecha Skulloctopus From Outer Space" figures has been masterfully modified using Styrene, aves sculpt, random electronics, doll eyes, and other found materials, before being lusciously painted with Monster Kolor sprays. Limited to 6 unique, one-off original customs, each with its own re-sculpted parts and color combinations, these will be released on Friday, June 6th, 2014 in PlaSeeBo's web shop for $175 apiece.

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