Dunny Series 2014 "Art of War" ratios and lineup revealed!

With the impending release of Kidrobot's brand new 2014 Dunny series entitled the 'Art Of War'... we have been giving you glimpses of the actual designs (HERE, HERE, and HERE) through Kidrobot's lookbooks, and now, thanks to Instagram user MadCowHunter, we get a peek at what the ratios for this series are and who is involved! There are some really strong designs in this series... but what leaves us perplexed is to why KR chooses to include so many colorways of certain figures. Don't get us wrong... we are stoked that DrilOne gets 4 variants, and Patricio Oliver gets 3... but we would rather see other artists involved limiting variants to around only 2 pieces. That being said, the line up is strong and features: Sergio Mancini, ilovedust, Colus, Frank Kozik, Jon Paul Kaiser, Igor Ventura, Patricio Oliver, Devious, Luihz Unreal, kaNO, Sam Fout, Huck Gee, Shok1, and DrilOne... who also is the case exclusive! Rumor has it that this series will be releasing next week, on Thursday June 26th... we are patiently awaiting the final word from KR on this. So who is excited for this series... and will you be buying a case?

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