Ryôkai! Awesome Toy's official "Fake Spectreman" Japanese vinyl toys available in two versions!

Awesome Toy follow-up their stunning "Fake Baron" figure with… "Fake Spectreman!" Against what the name implies, these are officially licensed pieces from P Productions (ピー・プロダクション) for characters from the first major Japanese superhero show of the '70s: Spectreman (スペクトルマン). While the show itself lasted only over a year, it aired a total of 63 episodes (not counting the pre-series pilot) and is remembered fondly by many… Making these stunning "Fake Spectreman" figures must haves for fans for the masked hero genre! Standing almost 9½-inches tall, these Japanese vinyl cast figures are available for pre-order now in two varieties: the above pictured Version #1 with the Bakura Parasite (from episodes 19 & 20, "Terror in New Town") for $115 per set and the below pictured Version #2 for $90 apiece.

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