Konatsu's "Densakugama Kinsei Negora" porcelain figure in "Maneki Neko" & "Mike" versions!

Konatsu's "Negora" design is being taken to the next level, being cast in porcelain as "Densakugama Kinsei Negora" pieces. Available in both the above pictured "Maneki Neko" & "Mike" versions, these 190mm (7½-inch) tall pieces are currently available for pre-order until June 30th, 2014… at which time they will no longer be available at all! Set to be delivered in late August, each piece ordered will be handmade by a skilled craftsman. Available for pre-order now, you can grab "Maneki Neko" from HERE & "Mike" from HERE, both available for ¥10,000 (approx. $98) apiece.

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