Frankenstein meets The Tooth Fairy! The Simply Stunning Sculpt for "Franken Molar" from MM Toys!

Mark R. Bentley of Hip Hop Robot Tattoo in Seattle has branched out into the designer toy world — under the guise of MM Toys — with several pieces that he's sculpted himself, though the first to see release in a micro edition is the pictured "Franken Molar!" Yes, a radical reimagining of a human tooth with a Frankenstein twist! And while this monstrously delicious sculpt is planned for release in Japanese vinyl, for now it is available in resin… for only $40 (plus shipping) per figure! You have to follow HipHopRobotTattoo's Instagram feed (@hiphoprobottattoo) for instructions on how to buy, but — trust me — this'll be worth your time and money!

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