Calvin Ma's "Mini Walk" Star Wars-inspired sculpture for Doubleparlour's "Entanglement" exhibition!

Calvin Ma's ceramic "Mini Walk" sculpture for the forthcoming "Entanglement" group show, curated by Doubleparlour, is a fantastic & figurative interpretation of the classic AT-AT from Star Wars. Pristinely painted and superbly sculpted to resemble a colorful wood house, even the slight grimace upon the figure's face can't detract from the personality that shines through!

"Entanglement," a group sculptural show curated by Doubleparlour, will open on Saturday, May 3rd with a reception from 7-10PM local time and be available for viewing through June 27th, 2014 at the 63 Bluxome Street Gallery, 63 Bluxome St., San Francisco, CA 94107.
Participating artists include: Miles Ritchie, FrankenFactory, Alice Koswara, Erika Sanada, Eric Broers, Feral Artery, Matt Ritchie, Michael Campbell, Steve Ferrera, Crystal Morey, Yosiell Lorenzo, Calvin Ma, oddFauna, and Masako Miki.

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