Zukaty at Toycon UK 2014 - Release Part 1!!!

Zukaty is bringing pretty much everything but the kitchen sink to ToyCon UK on Saturday the 12th of April... where you can swing by booth #21 to see all the amazing pieces that you see above in person, not to mention a ton of other amazing works of art including: 8" Solid Resin Custom Dunnys, Vintage Poison Resin/Vinyl Dunny Series x 19 (Sold blind 4 Leaked Chases)(+1Will be Drawn), Bones Hack Resin/Vinyl Dunny Series, FATSOZ Resin Series, Depths Custom Cavey, Skelevex RedOne, Shadow Flow Micros x 3, Gorilla Ju Dunny, Spotty Latex Dunny, Skelevex/Origami Set, FATSOZ ICP Happy Juggalo, and so much more! There will be a couple of prize drawings throught the day of the convention...  one for buyers, and one for mail sign ups! There's also free "MickHeisen and the fly" posters (limited to 80) given to anyone who buys anything over £20 - or you can buy one for £4 - which will also give an entry on the buyers draw. Over £50 purchases will also gets your hand in the RED BAG for a blind pick of a resin or custom toy... so much good ness at one booth!

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