Yoskay Yamamoto's "Screaming for the Sunrise" DIY up for grabs!

Remember when Yoskay Yamamoto's "Koibito" was pretty much the hottest figure to customize on the market a few years back, and we were all really stoked for his newish figure "Screaming for the Sunrise" to come out to see what customizers would do with this... well, now is your chance! Available for the first time in matte white - previously reserved exclusively for the artist's custom editions - a small number of these DIYs are now available for you to customize, or display it with its stark minimalist finish to highlight the intricacies of the sculpt. The DIY edition is limited to 50 pieces, will retail for $50, and includes a metallic white ribbon! Look for these to pop up in most all designer toy shops worldwide, while supplies last!

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