'The Art Of GODMACHINE' a luxury hard back book... pre-order is now live!!!

The man, the myth, the legend... GODMACHINE, has teamed up with thefloodgallery to release an EPIC book containing 192 pages of mind blowing artwork... and from the preview images we have seen, this book looks fantastic from cover to cover! This is up for pre-order HERE right now for £30($50) and the first 200 copies come signed by GODMACHINE with extra goodies included!!! The man himself says: "You will get to see loads of pieces Ive never shown, photos of friends and art, sketches, quotes from loads of interviews, comments from friends such as Hydro74, Skinner, Tim Doyle and many, many more. For the cost of one poster you can have all of my pieces from the last 5 years and more in a sexy large high quality format. Thank you all my brothers and sisters and comrades" Books are timeless, and this one in particular is something that you can open up anytime and find new inspiration... go now, pre-order this beast HERE, or have regrets forever!

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