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Nathan Ota x 3DRetro - "Suited Birdies" vinyl art toy revealed!!!

Woah!!! Nathan Ota has just revealed a brand new vinyl figure that is expected to release this coming May! Produced by 3DRetro, Nathan Ota’s "Suited Birdies" look fantastic, and really capture the essence of Nathan's traditional art. Spotted in so many pieces in the past from Nathan... Gallery shows, events, even his Facebook avatar, the Suited Birdies obviously hold a space near and dear to Nathan... so it's great to see these in vinyl form.

Seeing as this is called "Suited", which is an obvious play on the card suites - CLUB, DIAMOND, HEART, SPADE - in a deck of cards (which is incorporated on the box art), I wonder if there will be 4 colorways?!?! Better yet... I wonder if they will be in line with the above painting that Nathan recently created for his last show at Giant Robot!?!? Time will tell, and when we get more details, we will post them for you all!

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