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Karz Works × Medicom's "The Zoromes" Soft Japanese Vinyl Figure from Sci-Fi Classic Serial!

Karz Works continues to mine classic — and sometimes sadly forgotten — sci-fi literature for his soft Japanese vinyl release, this time partnering with Medicom Toys to release "The Zoromes" figure inspired by the classic Neil R. Jones "Professor Jameson" serials that ran mainly in Amazing Stories. Standing just over 6¼-inches tall, this piece is being referred to as "Sol Machine Man 744U-21," probably due to some Japanese-to-English error, but it clearly depicts as a member of the Zorome race:
The bodies of these queer creatures were square blocks of a metal closely resembling steel, while for appendages; the metal cube was upheld by four jointed legs capable of movement. A set of six tentacles, all metal, like the rest of the body, curved outward from the upper half of the cubic body. Surmounting it was a queer–shaped head rising to a peak in the center and equipped with a circle of eyes all the way around the head. The creatures, with their mechanical eyes equipped with metal shutters, could see in all directions. A single eye pointed directly upward, being situated in the space of the peaked head, resting in a slight depression of the cranium.
The Zoromes were carbon-based biological beings who achieved immortality by placing their brains in machine bodies, a process they share with the titular Prof. Jameson. This figure, scheduled to ship in July 2014, is available to order now from HERE until April 30th, 2014 at 7:59AM Pacific time. Costing only ¥4,860 (approx. $47) apiece, you can even snag enough of them to create your own exploratory mission!

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