Cometdebris revealed exclusive "Blue GID" Kappa Kid & a nice "Blue & Purple" Sametan for ToyCon UK!!!

We have been announcing ToyCon UK releases from Cometdebris for the past few weeks, and today, well.. it appears we have the final two! First up is a really cool "Blue & Purple" edition Sametan sofubi figure! Limited to just 15 pieces, these will retail for £30 a pop... I just love those pastels... such a nice color combo!

Lastly, for all you GLOW fiends out there, The debut of "Kappa Kid" in blue GID vinyl... oh so awesome! These don't appear to have a limit attached to them, so it looks like there should be plenty to go around... that being said, to air on the side of caution, be sure to swing by early to snag one of these up  for just £20 a pop!

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