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alto's "Evil Origami Wired" & "Skelevex Wired"… plus collab with RunDMB announced!

Chris "alto" Dobson will be well-represented at ToyConUK this year, with his Skelevex design with DMS being prominently displayed at Booth #32 (more HERE) and his contribution to the "Power 5" blind bagged resin figure series being up for grabs too (more HERE), it's shocking that the artist needs his own booth… but he certainly does! In addition to the previously announced "OpenSource 2.0" release, alto unveils a couple more 3D printed creations: the debut of the 'Wired' editions for both the "Evil Origami" and "Skelevex" designs, pictured above. Standing 12-inches high and 4½-inches high respectively, these are actually available to order online from alto's Shapeways store right now for approximately $78 and $60 apiece.

But, in even further news for the convention attendees, you'll be the first to see in-person alto's new collaboration with RunDMB, the below pictured "Project X." We're told that this piece is a goliath, sporting an impressive arm span of over 1 FOOT long! Details of the planned production of this monstrously large beast will be released after the con… or, if you're really nice to one of the artists, perhaps at the con!

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