Wetworks transforms a Mini Gobi vinyl figure into Walter White from Breaking Bad!

The Muttpop released "Mini Gobi" figure has been meticulously re-crafted by the artist Wetworks, formerly known as wwwetworks, into an original piece of art inspired by the AMC television show Breaking Bad. Entitled "The Cook," Wetworks's one-of-a-kind creation is built upon a 3¾-inch tall vinyl figure base, with most of the detailed aspects have to be created from scratch out of epoxy putty. This unique custom creation depicts Walter White in his hazmat suit while holding aloft a chicken drumstick, which will make fans of the show immediately recall Los Pollos Hermanos! We understand that this is part of the artist's "everyone needs a break" themed series. Available now in Wetworks's online shop, this custom creation is a mere $75.

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