Ted Terranova × Mighty Jaxx's "The Mountaineer" Rivet Wars production PVC figure!

I've been a fan of Ted Terranova's Rivet Wars line for a while now, so imagine how thrilled I am to find out that Mighty Jaxx is picking up the designer toy side of the release. Still designed by Terranova, the above pictured "The Mountaineer" figure is the very first production piece from this new Rivet Wars line! Standing at roughly 6½-inches tall, the piece has fully articulated joints and even the gun hand can be swapped with other weapons! Made out of PVC, this retro green edition's pre-order will begin this weekend (March 8-9th, 2014) in the Mighty Jaxx online shop for $19.90 apiece. Oh, and the figure's head can be removed and placed onto Rivet Wars vehicles that will be developed in the near future!

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