Fools Paradise x JP TOYS - Exclusive "Confession" colorway for the 2014 Thailand Toy Expo!

The folks over at Fools Paradise continue to put out some of the raciest figures, all of which have a common theme... Star Wars and Girls, and the folks over at JP TOYS have signed up for their own exclusive colorway of this latest release entitled "Confession"! This two piece set features a kneeling battle damaged "Darkside Keiko" committing light saber suicide while a crucified battle damaged "Keiko Trooper" hangs from a cross. These will be made to order and are limited to just 100 pieces, and according to JP TOYS, each purchase will get a limited edition poster signed by Alan of Fools Paradise! These will be available first to those attending the 2014 Thailand Toy Expo! The set stands a a whopping 17″ tall!!! Oh, and if you are wondering what the full figure looks like... hit the jump for the NSFW photos!

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