Falcontoys 'Breaking Baddies' resin "Gumball: watercolor card" limited edition figure announced!

The ever popular Gumball figure from the folks over at Falcontoys 'Breaking Baddies' line has made a resin resurgance... and for the first time ever, this little droid will be available on a backer card. Entitled "Gumball: watercolor card" you too can own a piece of the galaxy starting very soon! "Gumball is the greediest, stingiest, trickiest little bastard in the galaxy. His specialty is always getting the upper hand and rarely giving the correct change. From the simplest candy & gum transactions to the most complex drug deals, Gumball always comes out on top. Two things have given him life long after certain disintegration was due, his ability to make tons of money for whoever employs him and the thermal nuclear device hiding within his rusty innards. Gumball is the reason their kind is not served in the Mos Eisley Cantina..." An obvious homage to Star Wars own R2-D2, Falcontoy designed this figure as well as the cardback and had UK watercolor artist Ali Eales aka Alastair paint it up... then had it printed by the talented folks over at Sidekick Labs. This wave will be limited to 20 pieces, and once up for grabs, you can secure one for $60! More on the release when we find out!

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