"Colonel Rombus" by Doktor A. for ToyCon UK 2014!

"Now retired, the colonel was constructed to lead the army of Retropolis. To this day there has been no need for military action, though this doesn’t stop a perpetually sozzled Rombus telling tall stories of how he showed the natives a thing or two during his time in the Congo..."

Alright all you folks attending ToyCon UK... you all get first crack at a brand new figure designed and created by the good doctor, Doktor A. that is... introducing "Colonel Rombus"!!! Originally designed for Mini Mechtorians toy series 2, Rombus got as far as a 3″ tall prototype before the project was cancelled... and now, April 12th, 2014 sees the debut of a new incarnation of the Colonel. A revised, all new 6″ tall “Coldcast Bronze” edition of 50 pieces will debut at ToyCon UK. Sculpted by Doktor A. and hand cast and antiqued in England by Baroque Design, this hefty solid piece features an inset glass eye lens and real metal Brass winding key... AWESOME!!! Each piece is signed and numbered by Doktor A. and only 15 piece will be available at the convention for the price of £65 ($107)... with the rest to follow soon online.

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