"Clear Pink Solar Love Brony-bots" and "Clear Reel-To-Reel Robots" sofubi ION MEN from Anyoldion Toys and Lullubell Toy Bodega!

Looking for some new colorways of Anyoldion's "Ion Men"?!?! Well... the folks over at Lulubell Toys have some limited edition pieces up for grabs right now! There are "Clear Pink Solar Love Brony-bots" and "Clear Reel-To-Reel Robots"!!! The pink are ultra limited to 8 and that it till SDCC 2014, where the clear are the full run of Strolls, a few Seismic Aces and maybe one of each character with the "Green Reel" inserts. Never to be released again. There are 8 heads, 2 bodies, 2 legs and 5 sets of arms (random). The arms include left/right fists, left/right mace, left/right clockwork cannons, a UFO and a Seismic Ace head arm. These stand approx. 4" – 4.5" tall and include the heads: Seismic King, Trojan Hoss, Murder Boner, XLR8OR88, Kumatank (Beartank), Centurion K16, Strollbot 2.0 and Big Damage K16! Head on over HERE now to pick these up for just $20 a pop! Oh... and if you still haven't grabbed a SpankyStokes exclusive "RED" version, go grab one HERE from our store!

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