UME Toys "The Beard" resin figure announced for ToyCon 2014!

Rich over at UME Toys sure loves his facial hair... nearly as much as he likes resin toys. So what better than a combo of both?!?! Introducing "The Beard" a new resin figure from Rich! Standing a brushed up 3" tall, cast in solid resin, he comes with a top hat to finish off his dapper look. If you fancy adding one to your collection drop by the UME booth at ToyConUK for his launch in various colors, followed by an online release in the UME store.
As you can see, there are already two colors planned, the "Brown" and the "Black", and each one of these will come in a header-carded bag signed for the not so hairy price of $50. Expect these to hit the online store mid-late April 2014!

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