Tessa Morrison's Indiana Jones-inspired custom Sametan figure for Cometdebris × PangeaSeed show!

I have extremely fond memories of the Indiana Jones films, especially Raiders of the Lost Ark, from when I was a kid… heck, I'm fairly certain that's the first film my parent's bought on VHS. But that's nothing compared to artist Tessa Morrison's tale of that same Horrison Ford vehicle: "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Ark was the movie my mom and dad went to see on their first date. I'm pretty sure I owe that movie and Harrison Ford for my very existence." But obviously that film also impacted Morrison's life, for when she was asked to customize the 4-inch tall Sametan figure, designed Koji "Cometdebris" Harmon, she created "Findiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Shark!" This gorgeous looking, costumed custom creation will be part of the "Aloha, Sametan!" group exhibition at Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2014. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this one-of-a-kind piece will benefit PangeaSeed in the fight against shark fin soup.

"Aloha, Sametan!" a group custom show benefiting PangeaSeed, will be open daily throughout Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2014, February 10-15th, from 12 NOON to 5PM local time at the Fresh Cafe & Loft in Space, 831 Queen St., Honolulu, HI 96813. There will be a reception on February 14th from 6-10PM local time.
Participating artists include: Cody Williams (Yetis & Friends), DrilOne, DSKI One, Lauren Roth, Leecifer, Love And A Sandwich, Matt & Roxy Ortiz (Vers Hawaii & Wooden Wave), nana., Nathan Hamill, Scott Wilkowski, Tessa Morrison, and many more.

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