"Sharpie Kings" by TYOTOYS featuring Sket One and Duel One!!!

TYOTOYS jus announced the release of some really cool looking limited edition Sharpie pens, and they got the likes of Sket One and Duel One involved with the first release!!! For just $5 a pop, you can snag these great looking pens up HERE... and either display them as part of your collection, or use them... it's up to you... but keep in mind, only 400 pieces of each exist in the world!

This is a really cool idea, and I can see other artists putting their mark on a limited edition pen... the question is, who should be next? Do you have a favorite artist that you think would rock a design on a Sharpie? Leave your suggestion in the comments section of this post... and who knows, it could become a reality!!!

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