"Ramen Rider" custom Dunny series from Dolly Oblong!

The Dolly Oblong factory is back in full swing now, and hot off our post just yesterday, she is sharing with us today an awesome set of "Ramen Rider" custom Dunny's... which will be landing in her online shop HERE this Thursday February, 20th at 8pm (CET)! "Ramen Rider is crazy about 2 things: watching his favorite hero Kamen Rider and chomping away ramen. In fact he's so crazy about both that he always runs around in his Kamen Rider suit (handsewn by his mom) while slurping ramen." These fantastic looking custom 3" Dunny's come in two versions: Ramen Rider (silver) and Ramen Rider (red). Each custom is made to order, with a max of 3 per design, and to make the deal even more enticing, each Ramen Rider will come with a pair of chopsticks in a Ramen Rider Kick sleeve... so good!

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