Muffinman's custom "Punisher" Tequila vinyl figure... is FANTASTIC!!!

When it rains it pours... and by that I mean, we posted up an awesome custom Tequila figure HERE just yesterday from Dolly oblong and today, well... today we get to see another stellar custom on the same platform, but this one is from Malte "Muffinman" Fulda... and holy smokes is it amazing!!! Utilizing the already super muscular shape of the Tequila figure produced by Muttpop, Muffinman took this piece and transformed it into the vigilante comic book hero Frank Castle aka The Punisher - for a lucky collector! The sculpting/paint on this piece is honestly too good to be true... it looks like a 3D generated model, but nope... that is the real deal! With additional Uzi and Hunting Knife, the end result of this amazingly crafted custom just blows me away... and what's even better?!?! The way that the cape was utilized and painted up... so fresh! Every custom I have seen from Muffinman is top notch... and I am anxiously awaiting what he does next!

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