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"Nyth" custom Tequila figure by MAp-MAp... is AWESOME!

Another EPIC custom Tequila figure... yes please!!!! MAp-MAp shows us why he is one of the top customizers around with his amazing "Nyth" custom Tequila figure that he created for a private collector! "We all have those crazy years, but then birds nest on your head and you have to calm down a little...UNLESS YOU ARE NYTH!!! Since those birds started roosting away on Nyth's bonce, life has been crazy. He's pulling up trees to launch into the horizon, throwing boulder's through mountains, even burrowing into fox dens on the other side of the earth. All this stuff used to happen before the birds arrived, it's just now the top of Nyth's head goes *cheep cheep* as he does it." Created with polymer clay and acrylic paint, this fantastic looking custom creation turned out so good. The clean sculpting along with such a fun color pallet... not to mention light hearted subject matter, really make this one of my favorite custom Tequila's I have seen so far! Keep up the killer work, dude!

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