Klei Entertainment x ESC Toys - "Don't Starve' vinyl blind box figures... are AWESOME!

Klei, a great indy video game publisher and producer in Canada, teamed up with the talents of Erick Scarecrow of ESC Toys to take one of their flagship video game titles, "Don't Starve", forward with producing their own collectibles... and above is the result! Some seriously cool looking figures based off characters in the game! Each figure is made from high quality vinyl, which includes incredible sculpt and paint details based on the actual game asset files.

There are 12 figures to collect in total, each with their own unique accessory. Each blind box contains one random figure, their unique item and 1 of 14 random accessories -- for a total of two accessories in every box! These are up for grabs HERE right now for just $12.99 a pop... a great deal considering what you get and how awesome the QC looks!

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