DeKorner exclusive "Clear Yellow" S.U.C.K.L.E series 1 figures released!!!

DeKorner is happy to announce the release of their exclusive set of S.U.C.K.L.E. (Simply Unimportant Collectible Kitchy Little Eyesores) mini figures. This is a set of 10 Suckadelic characters including: Sucklord 17, Sucklord 66, Vectar, Sucklord 43, Necromancer, Another Bi*ch, Galactic Jerkbag, Gay Empire, Ira Tyranusberg and Ass Wipe. This exclusive colorway is clear yellow, and each set of figures comes in a shrink wrapped plastic tube. These are limited to only 80 sets and cost just $19.95 a piece and can be found HERE. But wait, there's more... DeKorner is doing a special OMFG Series 3, Bunnywith, and SUCKLE 3-pack for $30 shipped for a limited time... and that can be found HERE!

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