"Shock and Awe" custom Munny from KLANG!!!

Darren Clegg aka KLANG just finished up one bad ass mofo of a custom, and we just had to share it! Entitled "Shock and Awe" this rad looking 7-inch tall custom Munny has beeen transformed into a fantastic looking battle damaged mecha, complete with weapon system!!! "During the off world colony wars of 2057 the military built a new type of battle mech. Designed with a high level of AI, these rugged all-terrain mechanised tanks became the ultimate fighting force. 'Shock and Awe' is the nickname given to this particular unit, the shear size and fire power meant its mere presence was enough to defeat many enemies. Battled hardened and with mastery of many combat strategies, Shock and Awe is one of the last remaining battle mechs and is even more deadly today." This piece is a 1-off custom and if you dig it as much as we do, you can snag it up HERE right now... that's right, it's for sale... so go grab it before it's gone!

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