Mark Gmehling x Creo Design - "Unplugged" resin art multiple!

Creo Design was tasked with transforming a 2D digital print of artist Mark Gmehling's "Unplugged" piece, into an almost 10" tall solid resin art multiple... and above is the result! Gmehling mentions, "The unplugged sculptures and especially the print is inspired by my perception of society as are a lot of my works. The print shows ten unplugged's do this endless walk-cycle is a metaphor of the daily grind that never stops. The kind of daily grind where you perceive life through a tunnel that only focuses on sustainable growth and profit maximization. The brain is unplugged, you are a zombie sleepwaking on autopilot." The folks over at Creo made a limited edition run of just 10 pieces that can now be ordered by emailing your note of interest to creo@cdtoys.co.uk.  This slumbering, slump of a figure is a true work of art and will be up for grabs for around $820 a pop. Not a price tag for most designer toy collectors out there... but if you appreciate fine art, and sculpture with designer toy character driven influences... this is for you!

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