The Rampage Toys exclusive “Hawaii Version” Ooze-Ball and Claw set from The Disarticulators!!!

Hot off the heals of the (In)Action Figure 2 exclusives revealed over the weekend, The Disarticulators come with the latest edition of their new Ooze-Ball and Claw set… the Rampage Toys “Hawaii” version! Due to be making an appearance at Superfestival next Sunday, January 12th, both rubber ball and claw have been cast in a selection of vintage “Hawaii” kaiju inspired colours this time around, including fleshy pink, dark blue, black and yellow. Limited to an edition of 10 unique sets, each coming with 4 randomly mixed parts, the Hawaii Version Ooze-Ball and Claw are due to come bagged and headed with exclusive artwork from Disarticulator, Tru:Tek, for around 4,000yen (approx. $40) each… Stay tuned for details of the online release soon!

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